Double Vision

A bi-coastal blog written by twins about health, travel, style, family and entrepreneurship.

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When I was 4 years old I loved to play dress-up.  At the bottom of the garden in the home Down Under, where we spent our early years, we had an old guest house that my sisters and I had commandeered and made into a play room. Our mother was an academic, radio broadcaster and sometime dressmaker. She had studied "deportment, manners and sewing" at The Elly Lucas School of Elegance upon her arrival in Australia in the 1950's and I benefited from her foray into the world of fashion by seizing her accessories and outmoded dresses. I stored them in the play room and habitually paraded through the grass and dandelions in her cast-off gowns. Frequent family trips to Java and Bali served to fuel my appreciation of fabrication, embellishment and ornamentation in its many forms. But instead of studying art or fashion I ended up studying law. After practicing as a lawyer in Melbourne, I did finally make it to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. And after many years of working as a designer at The Gap & Levi’s, I have had my own collection for almost a decade.

As often happens with many of us, we do find our way to where we should be, albeit circuitously. Our father was a journalist and newsman in Indonesia and Australia in the days when radio was king. The sharing of stories and experiences is something we observed and internalized. From both our Mum and Dad we learned there is inspiration and knowledge to be gleaned from the lives both ordinary and extraordinary around us. 




I was born in Melbourne, Australia, of Indonesian parents. 7 minutes before my sister Wati.

Working for many years as an international lawyer in Asia and Europe gave me an early sense of "otherness". Prior to founding Earth YogaNYC in 2009, you could say I took the scenic route. Sporty and bookish I was always keen on languages & travel. Spirituality, health and identity were issues that intrigued me from a young age and, looking like your typical ‘Asian overseas student’ yet speaking fluent English, made me good with ambiguity.

Change, transitions and transformations have been a big part of my life. In a convoluted way everything - the expat mindset, the constant moving, the career segues, the setbacks and upheavals, the far-flung adventures, the loves lost and found - has led me to doing this blog. 

We hope to bring you memorable posts about people of all ages and persuasions who inspire, question, interpret, lead, and in some cases simply carry on and get on with it. We believe every story has value, and we hope you’ll comment and tell us whether you’re enjoying what you read and see.