Double Vision

A bi-coastal blog written by twins about health, travel, style, family and entrepreneurship.

We believe that joy can be found in the small things

We still call Australia home. 

We believe in saying please, thank you & Good Morning; in Girl Power, in mentoring.

We think whenever a person, especially a child, reveals his inner artist through drawing, dance or music, they should be praised.

We believe happiness can be found in cuddling any creature with four legs, fur, and a tail. 

 "The commonality of our species is a sacred, beautiful, and inspirational "tidbit" ...we need to recognize it, accept it, embrace it. We are the same species with the same fate, no matter what "expert" may claim otherwise...."  - Daniel Geery.

We believe in the celebration of color everywhere, in nature, art, people, and unexpected places.

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  Reds and Pinks that inspire.

 Prints, stripes, saturated color.

 Travel is a gift. 

Bloomin marvellous.

 These guys are too much.


Places we've lived :-)

Places we've lived :-)